The golf as a touristic value in Spain

With a large increase in the number of golf courses and in the related tourist offer, Spain has promoted in recent years its leadership in the golf tourism in Europe. Accounts for 35% of the mainland market, has a total of 590 facilities for the golf practice and ranks in sixth place globally. The expenditure of the tourists from this segment can reach 230 euros a day.

Golf tourism is one of the specialized segments with the greatest development in Spain, and also seems to have a promising future. Leads the European context concentrating 35% of the market, being positioned in sixth place worldwide. It highlights the significant level of expenditure of tourists visiting the country for this reason, ranging between 170 and 230 euros a day.

According to the report European Spotlight on Golf Tourism to Spain, conducted by Reed Travel Exhibitions, the Spanish golf courses supply to 28% of the existing market for this segment in France, UK, Scandinavia and Germany.

The economic impact of this activity is very interesting, because the average tourist spending hits its minimum of 170 euros a day and reaches a maximum of 230 euros per day.

Within the European market, the leader is Spain with 35% of preferences, the second position corresponds to Portugal, with 17%. UK, meanwhile, ranks third concentrating 16.1% of the segment. Why the large difference is in favor of Spain? According to that study, visitors especially highlight the diversity of golf courses and the quality of the lodgings.


Regions and types of tourists


Looking into the different areas of Spain, the visit of these international tourists varies depending on the region analyzed. The highest percentage corresponds to the Costa del Sol, home to 12.7% of the visitors, showing a majority of Scandinavian and British tourists.

Far behind in second place appears the Costa Brava, which concentrates only 3.9% of tourists. This area specializes in welcoming visitors from France, while the third is positioned Canary Islands, with 3.2% of preferences.

Regarding the main characteristics of these tourists and their normal behavior, it is noted that they travel an average of seven nights, staying mostly in four and five stars hotels. They used an average of four golf courses during their travels.

Indeed the variety of courses that Spain offers is one aspect that allows capture most of the European market. And also it is working for the country to be located in sixth place globally, with a total of 590 golf facilities.

The regions with the highest development

AndalucĂ­a is located in the first place and has 130 golf courses, such as Valderrama in Cadiz or Club Montecastillo Resort in Jerez de la Frontera. But is the area of Malaga, in the Costa del Sol, where are the greatest part, not in vain the area is also known as the “Costa del Golf”.Catalonia is ranked second with 66 properties, being the most chosen by international visitors the Barcelona Golf Royal Club.

Other regions also register an important activity, as Castilla-Leon with 52 facilities, like the Golf Club “El Fresnillo”, or Valencia region, which has 48 courses for the practice of golf, being “El Saler” which has the largest number of visits. Balearic Islands has 25 golf courses, being the Pula Golf, one of the most exclusives in the area of Mallorca.

One of the main conclusions on the development of this segment in Spain is that it has become an excellent complement to the sun and beach sector, achieving attract international and local visitors high economic level. Future prospects are also interesting in Spain, considering that golf is one of the sports that are more rapidly developing together with the tourism worldwide.